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What Is Salesforce ?

#1 cloud crm in the world
Customer Relationship Management or CRM is commonly called an information system that is used to manage customer relationships as well as the data and information in an enterprise.

Every business starts and based on the relationship with the customer. Companies that want to sell their services or products, is dealing with customers who need their services or products. When the company began to grow, relationships with customers and other companies also began to grow. Those massive Informations had to be able to managed and distributed to a diverse team within the company, who is in contact with the same customer. This is where CRM system comes in, to manage this situation.

With CRM, companies that just started and SMEs are being helped with their data saved in the cloud storage, making it real-time accessible through variety of devices. But as companies grow bigger, CRM functionality also extends to help team collaborate with fellow co-workers and customers, send specific emails (customized), summarizes insights from social media conversations, and see a real-time business performance overview.

In order to provide cloud based CRM solution, PT Lintas Media Danawa (LMD), as the true cloud solution provider in Indonesia, is partnering with for local markets.
The Benefits Of Salesforce [1]

trending_upincrease revenue
Using collected customer data, the company can effectively improve marketing campaigns, promotion of products or services in order to achieve the target both old and new, not targeting on existing customers, thus effectively increase the company revenue.

done_allMaximize Up-Selling And Cross Selling
By interacting to customers via Salesforce CRM to collect customer wants, needs and buying patterns, then those informations are stored in a central database, easily accessible by corporate executives, so that when sees an opportunity, the company executives may promote their products to that customers, either to up-selling premium products, or cross-selling, such as offering additional services, which ultimately maximize up-selling and cross selling cross.

phonelink_ringBetter Internal Communication
Salesforce CRM helps create better communication within the company. Sharing customer information data between departments in the company make employees work as a team. This will help the company increase profits and enable them to provide better service for customers.

The Benefits Of Salesforce [2]

accessibilityImprove Customer Relations
The CRM system will provide better customer satisfaction. Because the whole dealing process including service, marketing, and sales of products / services to customers are being worked systematicaly and well organized. Also, it provides better service to customers with a better way to understand their problems thus able to increase customer loyalty. Customers will also provide advice about the products / services offered, as well as recommendations to colleagues, if the companies provide an efficient and satisfactory service to customers.

shopping_cartOptimal Marketing
Through the help of Salesforce CRM, companies can better understand the needs and behavior of customers, thus greatly helping with identifying the right time to market products or services to customers. Salesforce CRM also provide input to the company customers that will provide the greatest revenue. By using this information, the company can be targeting the same target market, at the right time. This way, companies can optimize their marketing resources efficiently, and not wasting time on a group of customers that are giving less income.

chrome_reader_modeEase Of Access
Accessible anywhere, anytime, using a variety of devices such as lapop or smartphone, connected over the internet. And no need to install the application, because based on cloud computing technology.

Salesforce CRM Features [1]

buildForm Builder
Opening your first application in a matter of minutes by means of drag-and-drop, the auto-generated user interface, pre-built components, and pre-designed templates. Simply create the object and drag it to your page to interact with your data. With Salesforce1 platform, you can build rich forms without complex code.

phone_iphoneMobile Optimized
Bring all your applications with, with a wonderful experience, optimized for mobile. Everything you do with the platform can automatically Salesforce1 road on iPads, iPhones, and other smart devices. You can also develop custom HTML5-native apps with our SDK. Give your employees the data they need wherever they need it.

alarm_onReal Time Reports
Drag and drop to create their own reports and dashboards by department, position, and individual. View key business metrics in real-time and easy to explore additional details. Salesforce1 Platform easily integrates with existing ERP and business systems so that you have all the data it needs, when you need it.

Salesforce CRM Features [2]

visibilityvisual process manager
Design and automation of almost all business processes, ranging from approved discounts, direct dialing service, issuing a quote. Add business logic to applications, write database triggers, and program controllers in the display interface. Visual workflow process lets you add complex business logic for all your applications.

lock_openOPEN APIs
Platform Salesforce1 SOAP and REST-based API can be called from various client-side language or middleware solutions to help you take more of your data. Salesforce1 platform easily integrates with Oracle, SAP, and other back-office systems, and includes support for all major developer tools and IDEs, such as. NET, Java, and PHP. You can also integrate with your security system, email, and desktop solutions.

account_balanceInternational Deployment
Instantly spread around the world without worrying about the hardware, installation, or maintenance. Support is already available in 14 languages and applications for commonly used currency in the world to make sure your data is always accessible and relevant, wherever you need. has data centers located throughout the world, for optimal performance.

Salesforce CRM Features [3]

grainprogramable logic
Create desired user interface and business logic required. With Salesforce1 platform you can build rich interfaces and advanced processes using the default Apex and Visualforce language, or with Flash and HTML standards. Salesforce1 platform offers unlimited customization, so you can develop applications that you need.

network_wifiEmpployee Social Network
Collaboration automatically become a part of every application that you build. Group, feeds, push notification, and file sharing helps employees to safely share information and keep up to date on changes and changes in your organization. Salesforce1 platform brings a new level of collaboration for all that you do.

securitymulti layered security has a privacy and security program that includes a comprehensive certification, practices, and technologies, and including SAS 70 Type II certification and HIPAA. Salesforce1 world-class security platform has been tested by some of the most literate organizations worldwide about the security.

perm_identityidentity management
Facilities default user authentication and identification management lets you set which apps at muster, and what data each user can access the object level, field, or record. You can also create your own rules in every role and profile so that you can share data when required, to the user that you want.




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